Bill Casey, Owner & Operator

 "I am a professional who takes     utmost pride in what I do"

- Schools & colleges

- Public facilities (parks, etc.)

- Residences

- Etc.

We perform electrical work in:

We don't spend much on advertising. Most of our new customers are referred to us by the people who have seen us in action.

- Apartment complexes

- Condominiums

- Commercial buildings

- Industrial facilities

 New Installations
 - Lighting controls and circuits
 - Electrical service wiring
 - Office equipment installation
 - Network & telecommunication cabling
 - Alarm systems
 - Video monitoring
 - Complete solar power systems

 - Electrical vehicle charging station  

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Casey's Electrical
Owner & Operator:  Bill Casey
California License:  #574844

 Existing Installations

 - Upgrading of electrical service
 - Troubleshooting
 - Repairs
 - Improvements
 - Electrical audits